Diagen Process

Updated Diagen Design

Solray Systems has recently completed design upgrade revisions of the standard DiagenTM reactor tube, as supplied to the Muradel Project with a view to increasing production rates and reducing the plant physical footprint size.

Based on current New Zealand operating costs and conditions (mid 2019) the projected cost per barrel of DiagenTM WTI bio-crude is less than US $55.00 per barrel (at a carbon price of NZ $24.00 per tonne of CO2.

Solray Systems has run extensive process conversion trials on a wide range of waste materials including:

  • Sewerage Sludges
  • Agricultural Wastes
  • Plastics (contaminated)
  • Rubber (tyres)
  • Industrial Wastes
  • Polymers and other Fibres as found in used clothing and materials
  • Wood/Paper (cellulose) 
  • Food Wastes
  • Algae

The DiagenTM biomass to Bio-crude conversion system is able to handle all organic waste streams with only mechanical size reduction required to ensure a pumpable waste slurry can be formed.