Muradel Oil

The Muradel biofuel project was set up with the aim of establishing a commercial biofuels industry based on growing and harvesting algae in high growth rate-high yield environments.  Muradel has focused on perfecting the technology of growing algae in sea water. This is very important in arid areas such as South Australia which have plenty of sun, plenty of land, but limited amounts of fresh water available.

Solray Systems built a processing plant for Muradel in 2014 and this was set up in Whyalla, S.A. beside their algae ponds growing algae in sea water. The salt water algae is harvested and converted to crude oil in the four reactor tube DiagenTM plant shown.

The Muradel four tube DiagenTM  Reactor Plant

The Muradel plant was commissioned as a four reactor tube processing center with the ability to expand the number of processing reactor tubes as processing and other factors allowed.